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YEAR 18 - Edition 66

Revista Show Gospel Celebrates 18 years of publishing!

It has been an 18 year road maintaining a vision of professionalism and quality. Sendo um canal de comunicação que presa em informar e propagar a história de homens e mulheres que tem servido a Deus com seus talentos artísticos.

We are always seeking to reflect the truth and greatness of God through our pages.

Many changes have occurred over these years, but we have maintained our commitment and the vision of being a channel that shows the diversity of gospel music, making the link between the various professionals in the market. We strive to foster relationships and promote communication. Now in this digital era we propose seeking out information and through our social networking channels and you Tube keep everyone informed and updated.

On the cover of the 66th edition we bring Tchelo Ferrer, who had a successful career in secular music and after almost dying from drug use, surrendered to God and had his life changed. The main focus of his work is taking his music and testimony to help others who are getting lost in drug addiction. He is preparing a clip that talks about that experience and will be sent the rehab clinics as educational material to encourage others to get off this dead end road. Check out more about his life and career in the cover story.

Speaking of music, we talked with a multi- instrumentalist who loves to play, Luis Panini.
Stage production, lighting and scenic photography - we talked about all that Market Professionals with Rinaldo de Oliveira.

Transworld Radio shows its new face, check it out.

Show Gospel is also on digital platforms, so go to and check everything out there. If you need a professional, an artist for your event or want to know about the latest releases, radio phone numbers, record labels and etc... Gospel Show can help you with that.
Check out the quarter's events and etc....

God bless you!
Mônica Regina Cintra


Edition 66 - September 2017 - Click on the cover to see on line!
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